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My world is design

Welcome. I'm a Swedish Industrial design engineer. I create modern design

and technological ideas. Form and functionality are the key elements I work with, 

adding a high value to the ideas to make them attractive and stand out.

Marcus Segerros

Based in Värnamo, Sweden, in the middle of the most concentrated industrial region in Scandinavia, I have a high insight in the manufacturing industry. I've been traveling a lot, living in different places, both in Sweden and abroad, meeting a lot of inspiring people and getting a lot of input from different sources. With a Ba in Industrial design and a college degree in Mechanical design engineering, I have the best possible set of skills to effectively work with product development and engineering, as well as concepting, branding and 

marketing. Full discretion is given to clients immediately, and I'm flexible in discussing contracts and payments.  


​Do you need help to develop a product idea? Or do you just need some cool sketches or

3d-images? My skillset is wide and I can provide the following, whether it's a small part of

a project, or ranging from the startup to launch:


  • Concepting and Idea generation 

  • Product design and CAD

  • Market research and branding

  • Illustration and graphics

  • Service design​


Certified in SolidWorks - Mechanical Design. 


Programs otherwise used mainly:

  • Adobe design programs

  • 3ds Max

  • MS Office


Please go see Services for more details on the various services I provide and Work for examples of what I do. 


I always strive to satisfy my clients and leave a footprint. I find a great deal of joy in creating ideas which help to make things for the better; whether it involves selling a product, streamline and cutting down on costs, and/or making life easier for the end customer.

By properly managing projects, thinking things through and work hard and creatively,

I believe it's always possible to create a better solution for everyone. You are welcome to grab a coffee with me and discuss anything regarding design and product development.


Kind regards,

Marcus Segerros,

Industrial designer and design engineer.

Industrial Design Sweden
Industrial design
Joy creating ideas


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