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The following services are provided:

Concepting and idea generation

This involves creating new ideas or working with existing ones through controlled creative methods and presenting them in a clear, good and attractive way. This could for example be an existing product or a non-existing potential new product, an object, a building, an environmental concept such as a park or a social space, a new business idea that simply needs to be presented in a professional way, with ideas of for example a slogan.        

Product design and CAD

Creation of new products or improving existing ones through design and engineering methods, from idea to production. This includes making attractive and selling vizualisation of the product through 3d-renderings, sketches and illustrations.      

Market research and branding

Market research can involve other products, competitors, material research, potential target groups and risk analysis via internet and database searching, by conducting interviews and surveys and visiting stores and talking to salesmen and companies.   


Branding involves creating a stronger brand and working with the company profile through design.

Illustration and graphics

This involves creation of illustrations for different purposes, 3d-renderings, logotypes, presentations, interfaces, layouts, business cards and other printed media.

Service design

Service design is about using design thinking and methods to organize people and companies, infrastructure, communication and other services. It involves using creative methods and working with understanding user needs, identifying and solving problems, general brainstorming and service representations. 

Idea generation
Product design
Illustration graphics
Service design
No project is too large or too small. With a large network of engineers, product developers, designers and other consultants I'll make sure you'll get the results you're looking for. Whether you want to hire me to work for one or two hours or on a complete project, the choice is yours.

Via partner resources you can get a complete product development package from idea to finished product.

Nothing is impossible
What is the benefit of investing in and using design throughout all areas of a business?
  • A stronger company profile.
  • Make products stand out more on the market, fit the target group better and sell more.
  • A more effective way of working and solving problems.
  • Increased innovation, faster product development and less risk.
Industrial Design methods

Industrial design is about constructing and designing products with the end user in mind. The methods involved can be applied to other areas as well.

Research made by Swedish business organization Teknikföretagen shows that companies who invest and use design in their business increase their revenue with an average 50 %.
Read more about this survey and the benefits of design on: and on
Also watch this video to learn more about what design can do for you:
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