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T: +46704896190

A: Granelundsvagen 8, 331 95 Varnamo, Sweden

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What you'll get:

  • Reasonable pricing and flexible payment solutions e.g. by project milestones or at a fixed price. 

  • Speed - making sure the job gets done smooth and ASAP. 

  • Good communication - we discuss the project and you make the final decisions. 

  • Taking responsibility to deliver a complete solution.

  • Availability - easy to reach or I'll get back to you ASAP.

  • Certain support, tips and other consultations included.

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Manning, recrution, storage, offices
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Member of:

Swedish engineering association

(Swedish engineering association)


"Marcus is an extremely talented designer. Among the 10-15 designers I worked with, Marcus absolutely stood out as one of the most detail-oriented and meticulous designers I have ever met, and often suggested new improvements that

I had never thought of. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone working with Marcus."

- Randy Lau, electrical engineer, Los Angeles.

"We are very pleased with Marcus and we hire him continuously in our projects."

- Johan Strandberg, former CEO, product development company Ljuniq AB, Sweden.

”Marcus has helped us create graphical marketing material and has quickly understood our goals, and added own ideas which has given us good final results as well as minimizing the time between project start and delivery of the final product.”

-Jimmy Lehtomäki, CEO, Aktiv Bemanning i Småland AB.

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