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Why being a good designer is more than making cool sketches

As a designer you need to be able to look into the future. Being a designer is a little bit like being a wizard. You need to create things out of thin air; well, almost.

What's the next big thing? Which is the next direction for a brand and it's products? That's difficult to know. It's a bit like going into the unknown space or jumping out of a cliff in total darkness. Will you find something amazing and land safe or crash completely? It can happen, and it does sometimes. Being responible for creating the idea and the design can be amazing but scary at the same time, it's challenging. That's why it's so fun.

A designer is using proven tools and techniques

The fact is that there are many proven techniques and tools for a designer to use and get help from along the way. That's one of the reasons why the design profession has mostly such good reputation. I say mostly, because there are a number of skeptical people out there. Most people in general like design, but not everyone likes designers. Some people are afraid to hand over responseability to a designer. They're afraid that their idea will get too twisted and/or out of hands, and that it will cost too much. But in most cases the reality is the complete opposite. Handing over responseability to a designer and let him or her work freely can be a very good thing for your project and your company. The designer will work extremely creatively and go through every possible angle to create the best product and solution possible, and might even add things on top of that which will be positive for the brand.

A designer will present the ideas nicely

This is beneficial in several ways: the product will better fit the end users and stand out more on the market, it will be smarter manufactured and shipped, it will simply comprise of a complete design solution to be presented in an attractive way to the customer. Like a fine dish in a luxury restaurant, not just another premade hamburger at the local fast food joint.

Image credit: Characters fine dining.

If you want to stand out on the market and create smart and nicely presented products then you'll need a good designer to help you out. As a designer, this is what you must be able to do.

Clearly define the right direction for the product and the brand

Making nice sketches is just a part of it all, the ideas need to be clearly presented and the sketches need to be convincing, for both the client, the board and the users. Sketches and 3d visualizations can be cleaned up by the end of the project to be better presented, so don't waste time at the early stages of the project to make perfect sketches, it's not important at that moment. Take the time to clearly visualize and define the direction of the product and the brand design. Is it possible that this product can represent this brand in the future? Is the direction right for the brand and the market? Does it fit the end users properly? Is it clear what the purpose of the product is? These are very important aspects that should never be forgotten during any part of the project.

Go wild sometimes

With that said, it's never a bad thing to go wild sometimes and explore new directions and possibilities. Nothing is really written in stone, so go and find a diamond.

Ferrari crossover sketch. Design by Marcus Segerros.

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