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As the new european General Data Protection Regulation is rolling out on may 25th, every company is stressing to become GDPR-compliant. The new regulation is meant for personal information integrity protection, for companies to become more transparent towards how they gather and store peoples info. This site is no different. Any user on this site should not feel worried about any personal information being gathered or stored as there is no possibility for registration of personal info, nor is there any newsletter of any kind. News about the design world can be read on this blog site.

This site is run through Wix and their servers and will therefore also be under Wix's GDPR policy. However, this site has a privacy policy of its own as well. If you wish to read, it follows here: This site does not automatically register and store personal information such as emails, personal id's, phone numbers, billing information or home addresses. Through this site you can send your contact information and inquiry on your own behalf. This goes directly to the site and company owner and the contact info to the responsible person is on this site. The links on this site does not go to private persons other than the site owner. This site is using software to measure number analytics such as number of visitors and time spent visiting in a non-personal way. It is therefore using cookies as well as only for security purposes.

Thank you for reading and spending time on this site and hoping you will have a great experience.

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