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The future of automotive design

A personal drone transport and a self-driving car
Autonomous vehicles

With the new era of electric and self-driven cars, buses, trucks, boats and whatnot something new is happening within automotive and transportational design. We’re upon a shifting in brand queues, styling, function, design thinking as well as the infra-structural systems that must also be redesigned and restructured along with it. This is happening as we speak.

The designers of tomorrow must think in new ways regarding terms of styling queues, usability and innovation. With these new vehicles soon being Completely Self-Driven and all electric, the interior and the way we interact with them will change as well. There won’t be any need for a steering wheel. A handbrake? Probably not. Gearbox? Nope. Blinker sticks? Although seemingly not very often used, will be gone as well.

Well, what is left then? More space, more comfort maybe. More time to focus on other things while the vehicle will take you to your destination. But hold on a minute, what about all those professional drivers? The taxi and the truck drivers? Boat drivers? Some pilots even?

Airbus just announced that they had been conducting over 500 autonomous taxiing, starting and landing tests.

What will happen to them? How will all this affect our infrastructure? The way we see vehicles and use them today will be different. What about driving just for the sake of fun, in a recreational way? Driving in the future will be less personal, more convenient, more tech-driven and communicative. People will be more on the move and new vehicles will be developed faster. There will soon even be personal flying transports. One thing is for sure, there certainly won’t be a shortage in design and innovation need.

All this has to be thought-out and built by people; designers, engineers, programmers among many others.

As things look right now it seems we get more and more screens and less buttons. We’re moving from analog and physical to digital and sensoring. Sometimes even to an absurd level. Transports tend to get more and more autonomous and old fossil fuels are phased out. We’re developing spaceships to go to Mars and brain implant chips. It really seems like in some sci-fi movie, doesn’t it?

What do you know, soon you might design your next personal flying car or drone. Times ahead are exciting, aren’t they?

You better buckle up because you’re in for a ride.

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