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Nexeus connected outdoor couch

This is Nexeus, the connected smart outdoor couch. A project for Hubbers Outdoor Connected Furniture contest. The Nexeus was a top 10 finalist entry.


The couch has seating or lounging for 1-4 persons, it's movable, on wheels, and can be attached to one or more Nexeus couches for a larger area of use. It has restractable armrests, feet stand as well as foldable walls and roof. Nexeus uses 5G and GPS for online connection and location features. It has inductive and USB charging as well as battery packs for power. It features a small control station where you can set ambient mood lighting, cup heater, turn on and off the batteries and connectivity to save power. Furthermore, it comes with an App where you can check where other couches are located, share your location and status as well as control the functions of the couch you are using. It can also be connected with an RFID tag to use the locking storage or the control station without the App.

It's meant for people who generally move around alot and would like a moment of rest and in the meantime use connectivity such as
5G/GPS and charging. It can be used in locations inside or outside around the city, by the beach, the park or at other common areas where people move around.

Click on images for high resolution.

Nexeus connected outdoor couch
Nexeus in background
Nexeus in background
Nexeus double
Nexeus LED colors
Nexeus function 1
Nexeus function 2
Nexeus lounging
Nexeus footrest and roof
Nexeus colors
"Mechooler" Mechanical cooling container

The Mechooler mechanical cooling container is a hand-driven, portable can and flask cooling device. It does not use any electricity or batteries at all. Ready to go from the start - it can also contain free liquid and use the lid as a mug. It doesn't require any accessories. It actively cools via a hand driven fan and heatsink, and in turn the inside spins at the same time. Then it passively cools via a cooling gel pad and isolation. Combined it creates a powerful cooling effect. Lightweight, small and portable, bring it with you wherever and whenever you go.

This was a finalist contribution to the Swedish innovation contest Cold tech challenge by Swedish beer brewery company Norrlands guld.

Mechanical cooling container
Mechanical cooling container
Aluminium Speaker concept

Speakers for the living room or lounge. With it's clean design it can fit in any modern environment. Designed for aluminium as base ensures the speaker's high quality and pureness. It features double base elements and one treble speaker as well as LED lighting, which can be set to almost any colour. Let it pulse with the beat or set it to a  particular colour after your mood.  

Aluminium speaker design
Underwater jetpack concept

The backpack has a chamber with a propeller and water inlets. To generate the propulsion you need, flip the speed switch on the backpack strap. The propeller pulls in water, spins it really fast, water gets pushed out behind you, and creates thrust.

The backpack has a waterproof hatch that houses the battery, motor, and charging port. For easy access, the strap has a two-speed control and zero-speed off-switch. There are waist and shoulder straps. The water inlets and outlet contain wire mesh to prevent large debris from entering, and from kids sticking their hands in the motor. The backpack contains vibration dampening material for a better user experience.

Undervattens jetpack
Screwdriver concept

The ultimate screwdriver. Designed exclusively for the end user by testing, it has an extreme level of functionality together with a clean and expressive design. It has a large, ergonomic grip as well as a small grip for fine precision. The handle has a double material design, plastics with rubber inlays for increased friction. The grip at the back is turnable and has an indication of what sort of tip the screwdriver has. It also has a 6-sided metal piece in order to be able to use the help of a wrench for increased torque. 

Screwdriver design
Screwdriver model
Screwdriver design process
Screwdriver tornado
Car jack concept

It was designed to be an improvement of the standard car jack for home use.

The aim was to decrease material cost while increasing material strength as well as to look more attractive and modern. Unnecessary material was removed at places where it was not needed and material was then added to other, more critical areas. The result was an increase of the material strength by 50 % and a material cost decrease by 43 %, as well as a new, more modern and attractive look.   

Car jack design
Car jack design
Car jack FEM analysis
Car jack car
Neck training machine concept

A machine for strengthening the neck. The seat is adjustable and can rotate 90 degrees. The weight stack is partially protected to minimize getting hands stuck and wounded. The handles for the adjustable parts are coloured and designed to be used by disabled hands. A simple prototype was built to test out the functions.

Neck training machine
Neck training machine seat
Neck training machine ptototype
Neck machine design board
Bathboard concept

A bathboard designed to be safe, functional and fit into a modern bathroom. It has an adjustable height and locking mechanism as well as a storage space for towels and other bath accessories. What makes this board unique is that it goes outside the tub which allows for the user to be seated first and then slide over to the tub which increase safety.

Bathboard design
Bathboard design board
Toilet seat design
Microwave design

Functional and simplistic design with some colour insertions to break off the dark and grey. It's also designed to be mounted into a cabinet or on the wall.

Microwave design
Microwave design
Computer gear

Computer chassis, HDD, gaming mouse and keyboard design. The products follow the same schematics regarding colours and materials. They're designed to fit together.

Computer gear sketch
Headphones design
Women's winter shoes design
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