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Parera performance SCC concept

The Parera. The name means in Swedish "to parry" or "fend off", to avoid or climb obstacles, perhaps to parry and fend off competition. Possibly a fitting name for such a car.


We all like numbers, don't we? So here they are:

  • Body style: SCC (Sports Crossover Coupe).

  • It is 4.7 meters long and will fit strictly 4 persons. No tiny seat in the middle.

  • Robotized doors. Yes, they are automatic (automagic?). They can also be used manually in case you want to be that old fashioned gentleman and open the door for the lady (ladies are of course invited to drive the car). Who said it has to be the passenger seat? :)

  • Total system effect is 1500 hp. Not 150, 1500. Two zeros.

  • Acceleration: Yes.

  • The slick body gives it a high top speed. Use your imagination.

  • It has a plugin hybrid drive in which a turbo V8 is the main engine, but will be able to drive shorter distances on electric drive only.

  • To help braking it has large break discs and pads but also active flaps in the rear which also helps with turning at higher speeds.

  • The V8 is sitting in the front connected to a hydraulic transmission and is driving the front wheels. In the rear there are two electric motors which drive the rear wheels. The electric motors are connected to a battery pack sitting close to the bottom of the car.

  • All that gobbledygook means high performance, 4-wheel drive and a 50/50 weight ratio. 

To make it clear, this is not a real car which exist in reality physically, but rather a proposal of a possible design. A digital concept made in order to divide into, and showcase the design possibilities one person can do. It would however be quite feasible as it is based on real life proven engineering. This project took one soul over 3.5 years to make and will be used as a benchmark for showcasing this design portfolio and the possibilities it brings.

Welcome, and enjoy the project and the gallery. 

Click on images for high resolution.

Aero and details
Technical spec
Front sketch
Rear sketch
Interior sketch
Acila GT coupé concept

Designed to be the ultimate modern 2+2 coupé, offering great performance at low emissions and good fuel economy. Having dimensions at 4.5 meters long and 1.8 meters wide gives the car a sporty stance. The lines are flowing and interconnects with each other. It has black details at the front, back, around the windows and the inside part of the rims which create contrast and give the car a sporty look.


The car features LED lighting at the front, side mirrors and back. The interior is driver-oriented and features sport leather seats, aluminium details, digital instruments, touch screen and glass touch panel, a lot of aluminium details and ambient lighting. The interior lines follow the same theme as the exterior.

Scandica boat concept

This is a boat concept based on Scandica's current 475 model. It has been designed to be attractive while having a high usability. It shows a possible future direction for an upcoming model. Most of the hull has been left untouched, although the side panels feature dark, see-through acrylic glass with ambient lighting. It has enhanced safety features such as a heightened gunwale, more handles with rubber cover for increased grip, foldable seats

and flat rear platforms.   

The console feature a large tinted glass, sporty instruments and an iphone/ smartphone docking station as well as a stereo system. Go fishing, have a picnic or simply take it on a ride. A boat for the active family on a day trip. 

Formula SAE Concept

This is a concept of a formula car for the FSAE competition. It was designed to be highly feasible and competitive with proven materials and manufacturing methods. It features advanced aerodynamics and a stable handling as well as an aggressive design with powerful aesthetics and a number of safety features.  It has a 600cc motorcycle engine, a steel tube frame with a CFRP exterior. The engine is cooled by using a twin fan radiator as well as cooled by the airflow coming in via channels on the sides. Let's race!

FSAE car red front
FSAE car yellow
FSAE car shape
FSAE car design aero
Formula SAE car design
BMW i4 concept sketch

A sketch of an electric/hybrid version of the 4-series in style of the other BMW i cars. Currently they only have two models, the i3 electric hatchback and the i8 sports hybrid car. They need to increase the number of available models in this category and this is an idea of a model to add.

Update: BMW has just announced it will make an electric sedan model called the i4, although a 4-door, this prediction was on the spot. The i4 will be a Tesla model S competitor, and surely a strong one since BMW never make anything mediocre.

Bmw i4 sketch
Ferrari crossover

Crossovers and SUV's are extremely hot right now and they sell like hotcakes. This is a sketch of a sports crossover with Ferrari design. It's not sure if it is a realistic model for that brand but it's an example of what could be, according to the trends. Ferrari might need a new direction soon and the market for these type of cars is super hot and just keeps growing. This is a fairly small car that might have a high powered, effective inline 4 or V6 engine combined with electric drive which would not only make it really quick but also give it a good fuel economy as well as being environmental friendly, following all new regulations. These type of cars are becoming high status nowadays and nobody will afford to miss out on that.  

Ferrari crossover
Volkswagen Afrera coupé

A compact hybrid drive coupé made for a car design competition with Volkswagen and Swedish auto magazine automotor&sport. This was a finalist entry.

Volkswagen Afrera coupe
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