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Why it is important to have a strong, thorough, unified brand identity and profile.

Updated: May 10, 2021

Brand profile

Many companies promote themselves and receive new customers through referrals. All companies have a form of logotype and most of them have a website, a company email, business cards, various presentations and maybe some brochures or roll-ups. Some also have a slogan/tagline to add and strengthen the brand and make it more memorable. There are many good examples of that and some bad ones. The thing is, though, that many companies do not have a modern and unified profile throughout their brand system. The styling might be old-fashioned, the graphics are of low quality and the fonts and colors are not matching between the different mediums.

Identity crisis
Stand out and make the clients proud
Now, you might ask yourself: "Why is this so important? I just work from referrals anyway, I don't need a nice and modern graphic profile, a cool website and a strong brand identity." Well that might be the case, but think again. What happens if the market changes, the job and general services changes somewhat? And all of a sudden another company shows up in the area offering the same services at a similar price, and which has a strong brand and graphic profile. They are adaptive and also have a modern, cool and easily navigated website with good SEO. We humans are inclined to look for logical patterns, higher values and attractiveness in shapes and colors. If a company has succeeded in making a profile that radiates these things the customers are more likely to choose that company simply because they can more easily relate to it and be more proud to use that company's services. That company will stand out and be found more easily. If they are also adaptive at what services/products they provide in relation to the market they will be ahead of the competition.
Stand out
Create an experience
Don't just use the regular boring info and look of your website and profile, make it an unforgettable experience. Let the clients learn something and make them happy. They will remember it and talk about it with others, thus getting back to referral marketing, just in a different way, indirect and automatic. Always reward those clients in some way. Of course it's also about who you know and trust, and what you've done before, but it never hurts to have as many advantages as possible to minimize doubts. So go out and create a strong identity and an awesome graphic profile and make your customers proud and doubtless in using your brand, products and services.

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